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OK, you've got your property, hired a building contractor and/or sub contractors and you're ready to start construction on your new home...

  1. Cut trees for creating a well road and/or driveway and for excavation equipment
  2. Drill well that produces acceptable results to all parties
  3. Excavation for house, septic, water and propane lines
  4. Build foundation
  5. Waterproof foundation
  6. French drain, if required
  7. Back fill foundation
  8. Home framing
  9. Rough heating
  10. Rough plumbing
  11. Roof dry in
  12. Gutters
  13. Final roofing
  14. Rough electrical
  15. Insulation
  16. Set furnace
  17. Start exterior paint or stain
  18. Drywall
  19. Paint interior
  20. Install interior trim
  21. Stain or paint interior trim
  22. Vinyl, tile or wood floors
  23. Mount cabinets
  24. Counter tops installed
  25. Final plumbing
  26. Final heating
  27. Final electric
  28. Final county inspections
  29. Final driveway inspection
  30. Install carpet
  31. Final cleaning
  32. Final grading of property
  33. Painter to do paint touch-ups
  34. Walk through inspections with purchaser and builder

NOTE: How long it takes for completion of all of the above steps will vary from builder to builder and, of course, weather conditions. Contact Information:

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