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Letters of Appreciation From New Home Owners


"Hey there,
Hope all is well your way. We are still loving our house that we got plans from you on. We took some good photos of it this winter during our heaviest snow for North Georgia. Thought you might enjoy.

Take care,
Todd A"


"Hi Rick

Turned-out nice!



"Hey Rick,         

Here's photos of the finished product. We completed our home near Crystal Mountain WA last year. You should hear the compliments we get about the design!

Thanks for everything,

Steve and Sonja"


"Hi Rick

Its great to know that all the changes can be accomplished. We will be sure to send you pictures as and when the house is being built. It has truly been a pleasure working with you! I will be sure to recommend you to any of our friends looking to build.

Thanks so much for your patience, talent and professionalism. You have made this a very enjoyable and exciting process for us!

Warmest regards,

Bill and Joann"


From a builder who purchased a house plan from Creative House Plans.


This is a list of small changes requested by myself and the Barkers. They are very happy with the overall plan, as I am. You did a really nice job modifying your stock plan to suit our needs. They especially liked the laundry room/workshop swap and the extended garage details. I will continue to recommend your services and plans to other clients.

Thanks Again,

Scott R., Milton, WA"


A couple of emails recently sent by Todd A. from his new Creative House Plans home in Georgia.

"Good Morning,

Don't know if you remember me but my name is Todd....about a year and a half ago I ordered plans from you to build this house near Blue Ridge, GA (north GA mtns). We have finally completed the project and are EXTREMELY happy with our house.  We made a few changes and upgrades on the house and thought you may be interested in seeing the finished product. Let me know if you would like me to email you some pictures. I think they would go well in your portfolio.


Later that same day Todd sent us another email:

"Hey Rick,

Here are some of the recent pictures.... we are still working on the landscaping but everything else is done.  If you need more pictures with details just let me know. Once again we are very happy with your plans and would welcome any of your future customers to come and look at the finished product.


Click  and see where Todd A. and his wife built their dream home on the shores of a beautiful lake near Blue Ridge, Georgia.


"Hi Rick,

Got the plans! (So sorry it took this long to let you know that. We were just so excited to receive them!)

The changes look great. Thank you so much for adding in the front porch for us too. We (obviously) didn't think that far ahead. You did a great job with it.

We're still in the prelim stages, waiting for our bids to come back. I'll keep you posted as we move along

Thanks again for all your hard work!


-- Ginny

Dec 18, 2003


I can't tell you how helpful you have been. The house looks great, the review plans made it easy to start the process with the builder and the changes and your suggestions were perfect.

Thanks again,

Jim T.


"I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was to find your site. Finally a site with some creative plans, Good job."

-Gordon P.


"After searching many sites for the perfect house, I come to yours and the first one I see is the perfect one."

- Nickolas S.


"My wife and I have literally looked at hundreds of plans for hundreds of hours and your Southwest 940 plan is absolutely our dream home."

- Greg & Carmen P.

"I recently checked your web and checked new model.  As I told you, once I completed my (P-801) construction project I anticipate you good business here because your designs are different from many others architects firms. I have to checked a long time in the web to finally get yours, but when I get it I told my wife this is what I for long been looking for. Your new design is a very attractive one."

- Jose' F
Caguas, Puerto Rico


"I love it!!!  It look like what I was hoping for!  So, it seems we have a deal - is there anything else you need to know or anything else I need to do? How long will it be before final plans are ready? Just let me know - I am very happy with this!  Thanks so much!

- Alison B


"Just wanted to let you know that I received the finished plans today and they are just as I expected - fabulous!  Thank you again for everything - I will keep in touch!

- Alison B

"We are very excited about this house -  we have looked for a long time - and I'm glad we didn't settle (...for something else)."

- Susan M

"I must admit it's one of the best plans I've seen so far."

- Sean K
Kenya, Africa

"My husband and I have been looking at house plans for quite some time. We had not been able to find one that we both could agree on, until we found the P 801 walk-out model."

- Mr. & Mrs. M

"The Ranch 401 walk-out is an ideal design for Caribbean people because it's a beautiful tropical design. With the open stucco balcony it allows you to  receive the trade winds off the ocean. The optional finished walk-out basement plan is ideal for a rental with a private entrance. It was really hard to find a design that would fit our unique environmental needs. I'm excited - thanks!"

- Dale L
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

"I have enjoyed looking through your visitor friendly website! I especially like the Ranch 402 plan. It has many unique features I am looking for in a house plan."

- Cari
via the internet

"After searching through thousands of floor plans in plan books and on the internet we were impressed with having found a plan with the square footage requirements we were looking for. Most everything else we found otherwise was either too small or too large. The plan we chose was perfect!"

- Jeff V

"For a long time I have been looking for a plan that meets the specifications of your plan P-801."

- Jose' F
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Customer Support & General Information:

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